Custom Theme: Cloud and Rainbow Hexagons – Personalized


Designed to embody any given theme of a nursery, Custom Nursery blankets are for mom and little one to enjoy together.  This Thunder blanket already has special meaning to baby Carter and his mom and he hasn’t even born yet!



From The Warm Fuzzies Co., you can always expect the highest quality, meaningful designs and personalization.  Nursery blankets are one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Here’s why they’re so special:

  • Front and Back Minky
    The front fabric is a printed, designer minky and the back (and trim) is a longer-pile, ultra plush minky.  Always the highest quality.
  • Meaningful Design
    Customized to match the baby’s nursery (or child’s room); original art and typography printed in vibrant color; exclusive to The Warm Fuzzies Co.

    • Choose to customize an existing Nursery blanket or work with Kalli for a new design.
    • “Cloud and Rainbow Hexagon” can be revised to fit your nursery or room.
  • Personalized
    Printed design incorporates the receiver’s name and nursery elements.  “Hello My Thunder” hexagon words can be changed.
  • Machine Washable
  • Handmade, Local Small Shop
    Handmade by two moms in Utah!

The story behind the blanket

Beginning her custom fabric obsession, Kalli made her first custom blanket for her newborn daughter. She loved that it looked like a triangle quilt without her needing to cut and sew all the little pieces.  She was hooked!

The Thunder Hexagons design pictured was a fun request from a friend of a family member.  The pregnant mom hadn’t picked out nursery colors or a theme yet, but they knew the baby’s name and she called him her “Thunder”. So, with no more direction than to include a thunder cloud, Kalli put together this Thunder Hexi Custom Nursery design.

Back Fabric

Gray Frost, Gray Llama, White Llama, White Marble, Pick My Own


XL Long (57"x75"), S (30"x36"), M (39"x48"), L (48"x58"), XL (57"x68")

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